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In The News

"Herbal Heroin?"

"FDA and Kratom"
Is kratom herbal heroin?
Is kratom dangerous?
Kratom is unsafe and ineffective

"Kratom: Unsafe and ineffective"

"The law and the profits: Inside kratom’s political underbelly"

"Kratom Use Statistics & Legality By State"

"Dad collapsed at dinner table before dying. Family’s lawsuit blames supplement Kratom"

Kratom's political underbelly
Part IV
Kratom statistics
Kratom blamed for death of a dad

"After $3 million worth of kratom is seized, FDA continues to warn of its dangers"

"2-year-old died after eating kratom, coroner says, fueling a push to ban the herbal extract"

FDA Seizes Kratom
Child dies after eating kratom

"He kicked alcohol, became addicted to wellness drink that works like opioid, lawsuit says"

Kratom class action lawsuit

"19-year-old dies in his sleep, Lubbock family blames herbal supplement, kratom"

Young man killed by mitragynine

"What Is Kratom? Uses, Side Effects And More"

Side effects of kratom

"Iowa family speaks out after man died from taking Kratom, a legal herbal supplement"

Dangers of kratom

"Mctlaw Wins Groundbreaking Judgment Holding Kratom Manufacturer Negligent for Inadequate Warnings or Instructions on Packaging"

Kratom manufacturer held liable for kratom death

"FDA Announces Seizure of Adulterated Dietary Supplements Containing Kratom"

FDA Seizes adulterated kratom

"Family files lawsuit over Florida woman’s kratom-related death"

Lawsuit over kratom death

"Kratom | Abuse Potential, Uses, Effects, & Treatment"

"Parents sue over son’s death after he took kratom supplement"

Part III

"The kratom playbook: Working the refs"

Dangers of Kratom abuse potential
Kratom kills young man
Kratom Dangers
Kratom Information
"Can kratom kill?"
Part I
"Bedford Family Speaks out After
Son's Kratom Overdose"
Can Kratom kill you?
Informaton about Kratom
Can you overdose on kratom?
Part II

"Addiction and the kratom business"

"Deadly Dose"
Is Kratom addicting?
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